U. S. Department of Agriculture Permits Commercial Planting of Herbicide-Tolerant Sugar Beet for 2011

Planting under certain conditions - Benefits for U. S. farmers

(Einbeck, 5.2.2011/Nr. 10/ho) The U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) allows the commercial planting and seed production of herbicide-tolerant sugar beet. According to the decision of February 4, 2011, farmers and breeders must take certain measures: For example, they must keep minimum distances in seed multiplication and give detailed information about the locations of the seed fields of Roundup Ready sugar beet.

KWS welcomes the USDA’s decision to allow the continued cultivation of herbicide-tolerant sugar beet. With this decision, U. S. farmers can use modern varieties which have proven to be advantageous for agriculture, consumers and environment. The measures which are now obligatory have in general already been taken voluntarily by KWS for years and will of course also be taken in the future.

Plaintiffs are expected to apply for an injunction against USDAs decision. If the court would rule in favour of the plaintiffs groups, defendants will file an appeal against the judgement, awaiting a final decision before the start of the planting season.

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