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Farming insider: René Vermue, Netherlands

About René

Born and raised on his family´s farm, René Vermue developed a passion for farming at a very early age. Having gained a degree in agriculture, he now lives with his wife Carolien and their three children Merel, Jasper and Thijs on the farm his family have owned for generations in the Dutch village of Arendskerke. When he´s not out and about in the fields, he likes to expend his energy on a mountain bike or out hunting.

Farm facts

Family-owned: since 1911. The farm is located in Zeeland province

Farm size: 50 hectares

Cultivated crops: Sugar beet, sweetcorn, onions, grass seed, catch crops

Features Buildings and cultivation dating back more than 1,000 years

Tradition Every year the farm begins its onion harvest on René Vermue´s birthday, June 22. The variety cultivated is Troy.

Team spirit and reliability are hugely important in both my personal life and my working life – be it with colleagues, employees, or other farmers.
René Vermue, Arendskerke

Question time

Why did you decide to become a farmer – and can you picture yourself doing anything?

The way of life, this feeling of freedom – I would never have wanted to do anything else, and the fact that we produce foodstuffs as a result of it all makes it the ideal combination. Sitting in an office for 40 hours a week wouldn't suit me at all. Being a farmer is my way of life, my passion.

What do you associate with independence?

Independence means a great deal to me. With all the state-imposed rules and regulations, it's not as simple as it used to be, but we can choose which crops we want to grow and can sell to anyone who is interested. I’m able to use my time as I see fit, doing what I want when I want. That's what independence and freedom are all about!

How important are respect and appreciation for you, both in your personal and your working life?

Having respect for one another is a value that's hugely important to me – but that also includes having respect for plants and the foodstuffs we produce from them. An appreciation of what we do and our wholeness with nature!

How do you approach innovations and new technologies?

I'm very interested in them. I go to study group meetings, attend exhibitions and field days, and apply the theory in practice where and when I can. I'm always thinking about new and creative solutions.

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All farmers have their own character - which is reflected in their way of life, philosophy and the form of farming and livestock breeding. We visited our farmers around the world and wanted to know what makes them successful, what they stand for and what challenges they have to face. A journey across five continents.

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Francis Bapst, Switzerland

“For me, the most important values are respect for nature, understanding our consumers and food production.”


Toni & Daniel Peterhans, Switzerland

”Spirit and passion are what leads to success, whether it's in farming or on the football pitch.”


Emanuele Bortoli, Italy

“Reliability and respect form the foundation for how we deal with one another. These are values I`ve always held in high esteem.“


Riccardo Casarotto, Italy

”Independence is a dream that we should all cultivate and pursue. Dreams are there to come true and to help you progress.”


Stephan Jansen, Belgium

”I look forward to waking up every day and being able to work with nature.”


Henrick Dieckmann, Germany

”For me, it´s important to be sustainable and healthy in what we produce.”


Gizem Anar, Turkey

”People should love what they do, and I love farming. I enjoy looking after animals, plants and nature and try to feel connected to them!.”


Adrian Knuchel, Switzerland

”For me, team spirit means being able to live and work together. It means ongoing exchange, taking each other, mutual ideas and suggestions seriously.”


René Vermue, Netherlands

”Team spirit and reliability are hugely important in both my personal life and my working life – be it with colleagues, employees, or in dealings with other farmers.”


Gürkan Ilhan, Turkey

”People who work in agriculture, cultivating crops, rearing livestock and working on the land, accumulate positive memories day after day.”

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