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Trends and innovations in plant breeding


How KWS discourages a bird’s appetite for organic corn with plant extracts

Organic farming may not use artificial chemicals against bird damage in freshly sown corn fields. Therefore, in the spring, animals sometimes pick whole freshly sown crops...


“There are plant diseases that cannot be controlled with chemicals”

Bacteria, fungi, viruses: Plants are targeted by countless attacks. Pathogens want to reproduce in energy-rich leaves or fruits...


Useful bacteria protect against pests and can increase yield

Bacteria are the extremists among living organisms. They live in 220-degree hot water, in strong acids or in sulfurous zones deep in the sea...


Potato seed instead of seed potatoes

KWS will continue to process the versatile potato in a breeding process, pursuing long-term goals: At the end of the process, with the hybrid potato we can...


Good corn yield despite less fertilizer—how does that work?

Germany has restricted the permissible amount of nitrogen in many fields with the new Fertilizer Ordinance. In many places, even less...


Resistance breeding for sugarbeets always needs a new ace up its sleeve.

The small French town of Pithiviers south of Paris is notorious among sugarbeet growers. In this region, there are many, aggressive variants of a virus that is found in sugarbeets...


With the scanner, into the terra incognita: How do you watch roots grow?

How do you watch the roots grow of a sugarbeet at a depth of 1.6 yards? It’s quite simple. You only need a giant drill, long Plexiglas tubes, a special scanner, a lot of software to...

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