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Did you ever wonder why barley is the true champion?

Let's find out not only that, but why famers are our local heroes and why champions always belong together!

What characterizes a Champion?

  • wins a discipline because he is best and convinced of what he is doing.
  • gives everything he has to achieve the best.
  • is responsible and confident in what he does.

What characterizes a Local Hero?

  • ordinary people who practice a local activity and are experts in it.
  • simple, authentic and down to earth.
  • every country has local heroes à Every local hero is a champion.

KWS Barley is the real champion. It performs in a number of ways. You can always count on his quality.

A Local Hero stands out for his strengths. He is just the best in what he does and therefore deserves only the best.

It’s simply a dream team.

BREAKING NEWS: KWS TARDIS has smashed a World Record!

Did you know that in august 2021 the barley variety KWS TARDIS bred by KWS broke the world record for yield? Lincolnshire Wolds grower Tim Lamyman harvested 14,2 t/ha and surpassed the previous world record (held by Warren Darling, a New Zealand farmer) by almost 0.5 t/ha.

A three-week-late harvest allowed more time for his crops to grow and the grains to fill and KWS TARDIS has performed very well in official trials this year, with exceptional yields just below those of some six-row hybrid varieties.

Based on this impressive performance, Tim will grow KWS Tardis on his entire 100 ha winter barley area next year. How about you?

More detailed information can be found here.