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Corn4Future – More sustainable than you might think

Corn: Flexible and high performant

Corn’s performance as a crop is impressive. It can be used for a broad variety of applications: Food (direct), animal feed, source of bioenergy and biofuel, key ingredient in a variety of food and industrial products and primary material in industrial processes. Corn is easy to cultivate and manage, requiring minimal plant protection while offering high productivity.

What can you do with 1 hectare of corn?

Let´s look at the facts: Just 1ha of corn can produce feed for: 37 pigs or 7 cattle or 80,000 eggs or 19,000 liters of milk or power supply for 5 households. Especially with modern hybrid corn, we have a strong performer – both in terms of yield and sustainable potential (Source: Deutsches Maiskomitee e.V. (DMK), 2024).

KWS corn not only outperforms in yield. Further, it is very sustainable with respect to drought tolerance, nutrient efficiency and saving CO2 emissions.
Dr. Serge Alexander Costa Zagermann, Product Manager Corn International
A shared fight against drought – Farmer story.


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Victor Jubirca
Head of Marketing Corn and Sunflower Europe
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