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Let´s grow with the challenge - grain sorghum opens up a new era in modern agriculture

In regard to climate change sorghum will open a new era in the future. An evolutionary development where especially in dry periods or dry regions we will have the next crop generation being one of the top choices. Let's grow with the challenge!

Usage of grain sorghum

Grain sorghum is the fifth most important cereal in the world, with a nutritional profile similar to corn. Grain sorghum is used in Europe mainly for animal feeding. In other corners of the world sorghum is known for its versatility – human nutrition, producing of syrups, ethanol, silage or hay for feeding.

Benefits of grain sorghum



Sorghum is naturally drought and heat tolerant.



Sorghum has got low nitrogen, pesticide and water requirements.



Grain Sorghum is a good alternative in animal and human nutrition.

With it's drought and heat tolerance, Sorghum is naturally able to support farmers due to upcoming challenges posed by climate change.
Dr. Magdalena Buschmann, Product Manager Sorghum

Did you know, that?

Sowing data Grain Sorghum 2019

Grain Sorghum has been a staple food in Africa and Asia for centuries. It is already hailed in the USA and now it also conquers the acreages in Europe, where there is a high demand for high yield, economic and sustainable crops.

Map based on United States Department of Agriculture in “1000ha”

Map based on United States Department of Agriculture in “1000ha”