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    The new generation Cercospora varieties

CR+: We change the rules.

Get the best of both dimensions: Protection + Performance.

The new generation of Cercospora varieties follows a new rule: a high level of Cercospora protection PLUS a high yield performance under both high and low Cercospora pressure.

CR+ is an additional strong tool which offers a high level of Cercospora protection combined with high yield performance

Cercospora Protection

  • Disease progression slowed down
  • Later appearance of the spots
  • Reduce disease severity
  • Potential in saving fungicides*
*depends on environment and Cercospora pressure each year, in high pressure regions saving potential limited

Yield Performance

  • High yields in presence and absence of the disease
  • Stable and high sugar content
  • High yield stability
  • Healthy, less stressed beet

CR+ Grower Manual

CR+ Management

CR+ varieties offer new and excitingly strong options to push back Cercospora. In many cases Cercospora spots appear later, the disease progression is slowed down and disease severity is reduced. This allows to rethink Cercospora Management towards a more field-tailored approach.

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Fight against pathogens

Our breeders identified the strong Cercospora tolerance of CR+ varieties in a broad range of wild beet. With classic breeding methods it was crossed into KWS` breeding material. Find out how they keep countering the pathogens in our World of Farming story "Fight against pathogens".

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