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Future Live – Weeding Challenge

KWS tests weed robots in the field

Demands for more sustainability in agriculture and increasing regulations for crop protection: The agricultural industry is undergoing rapid change and presenting farmers with greater challenges. Against this background, KWS is tackling the future topics surrounding economical and sustainable crop production outside of its core business as well.

With the project “Future Live – Robotic weeding in the field” KWS tests together with the University of Göttingen and the German "Institut für Zuckerrübenforschung" (Institute for Sugarbeet Research) (IfZ) innovative solutions for combating weeds in sugarbeet farming under real field conditions. The tests will be separated in weeding challenges and practical experiences at farmers fields.

As part of our digital field of experiments FarmerSpace, we are conducting trials on modern weed control methods in sugarbeet together with KWS,
Sebastian Streit, Research Associate, IFZ Göttingen

Aim of the project is:

Offering a platform to the manufacturers of these innovative robot systems

Discussing innovative weeding solutions for sugarbeet

Identifying application potentials for precision weeding technologies in sugarbeet

Testing innovative technologies under real field conditions

  • We are convinced that to digitally transform arable farming, a holistic view of systems is required, taking into account all stakeholders.

    Sebastian Streit, Research Associate, IFZ Göttingen

Precision Weeding Systems tested in 2021

Results of previous weeding challenges

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