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A new Level of Innovation in Sugarbeet Weed Control

The SMART way to grow sugarbeet

Classic breeding techniques were used to identify and to integrate the tolerance to ALS-inhibitors into KWS breeding programs to make CONVISO® SMART varieties the perfect partner of the new herbicide. The sugarbeet weed control system CONVISO® SMART is jointly being developed by KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA and Bayer.

SMART Breeding

CONVISO® SMART is an innovative weed control system for sugarbeet. Two key components are working hand in hand:

SMART Choice

1. Innovative SMART KWS Varieties

  • Developed with classical breeding methods
  • Best crop safety to the new herbicide (no impact on crop development)
  • Utilization of full yield potential

2. Effective, broad-spectrum herbicide

  • Broadleaved weeds including many hard to control species
  • Sensitive grass weeds
  • Volunteer cereals, weed beet

3. More flexible and efficient weed control

Smaller quantities of active ingredients

Recommended target dose rate per season is 1.0 l/ha

Less frequent applications

1-2 sprayings in a time period of approx. 14 days

Broader application window

The optimum for an application is reached at the 1-3 leaf stage of weeds, but possible up to 6 leaves depending on the species (with full dosage 1.0 l/ha)

More flexibility

The new herbicide can be applied:

  • Independent from growth stage and growth conditions of the beet
  • Independent from weather conditions before or after the application

Wide application window

Application only on SMART KWS Varieties

The new herbicide can be combined with any classic herbicide registered for the use in sugarbeet.

Positive environmental effect

Resulting from less applications, the new herbicide can lead to a significant reduction of active substances and CO2 released into the environment.

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Kathrin Fahrtmann
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