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How does the label work?

The label on bottom of the package has two components: a QR code and an ID number. In general, it’s the easiest to simply scan the QR code with a QR scanner from your mobile phone. If you are not familiar with QR codes, you can insert the ID number at the top of this web. Either way, you will be linked to the corresponding package page of your seed package. There, you can use our label scanner services.

Der optimale Erntetermin für Silomais - Funktion SAT TS-Monitoring

Verify the product authenticity

It’s best to check the authenticity right at delivery. First, access the package page, then click on “verify seeds” and compare the authentification code. If the code matches, the package is authentic – if the code does not match, you should refuse the delivery. In addition, you can contact us to further look into the situation and get support.

Get important information for sowing

Choosing the right seed rate is important to optimize your yield. Thus, make sure to take a look at the package page before sowing. There, you and your employees will find important information regarding your regional soil, water supply and the corresponding recommended seed rate.

Sign up for our all-season services

Many of our varieties come with the opportunity to use our top tools und services – to optimize your yield or to reduce economical risks such as a breaking. Each package page contains information to easily activate the recommended tools and services for this variety. Make sure to take a look: As a KWS customer, you can use them for free.


  • Use of label scanner with mobile device
  • Alternative entry of label ID on website
  • Use directly on site
  • Authentication of product
  • Quick help and support
  • Easy access to myKWS information and services

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FAQs about the label scanner

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