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    Social Commitment

Social commitment

At the heart of our social commitment is the promotion of initiatives and
projects in the fields of science, education, social affairs and culture through donations and
sponsoring, as well as the personal commitment of our employees.

The focus of our commitment is to strengthen the regional and local attractiveness of
our mostly rural-based cultural and social sites. We encourage our employees to get involved in their communities. A large number of KWS employees have been actively involved in helping refugees.

We promote science and research, particularly in the area of plant breeding. We promote young scientists (e.g. through scholarships and internships), as well as cutting-edge research.

  • People at KWS

    A large number of KWS employees are involved in their environment, accompany refugees in everyday life and promote their integration. We support this.

    Christina Zöllner, Deputy Chairman

Promotion of science and education

We believe that our society benefits in the long term from science at a high level. As a driver of innovation with close proximity to the sciences, we focus on promotion in this area, which benefits young scientists in particular. Expenses for the promotion of science and education in Germany amounted to around €715,500 in the 2016/2017 fiscal year.

This includes, for example, the support of various projects at the University of Göttingen. Trainees have been supported by numerous scholarships. These include, amongst others, the Ferdinand-von-Lochow scholarship and the Germany Scholarship. In addition, KWS supports scientific organisations, conferences and events of national and international significance.

Capacity Development Projects

This initiative, which was set up in the 2012/2013 fiscal year, aims to contribute to the breeding and seed propagation of locally adapted crop varieties in Peru and Ethiopia, and to preserve crop biodiversity locally. KWS works with collaborative partners to train young plant breeders on site, and to strengthen their breeding programmes and gene banks with urgently needed equipment. In addition, in Ethiopia, access of small farmers to improved seed is also supported. In the financial year 2016/2017, we invested €213,195 in this initiative.


We participated in the nationwide scholarship programme of German universities at the University of Göttingen with €14,400. We regularly support scientific conferences, organisations and events.

Sustainability at KWS

Social issues & society

We are aware of our responsibility to society and are committed to science and education, as well as promoting cultural and social projects around our sites. KWS’ total expenses for social commitment amounted to over one million euros.

KWS spent about €339,000 on regional promotion and on regional projects in the 2016/2017 fiscal year. This includes, among other things, expenses for EINBECK MARKETING Gesellschaft für Stadt- und Standortmarketing GmbH. KWS is committed to its social responsibility and has supported Einbecker BürgerSpital and Refugee Aid on the ground, to facilitate the integration of new citizens. We also focused on the promotion of art and culture, as well as the support of social and church projects. The initiative also benefited educational initiatives, schools, sports associations and non-profit organisations.

"New neighbours" initiative

Since 2015, we support the “New neighbours” initiative of the deaconry of Einbeck. For example, KWS employees are involved in the donation warehouse and magazine, accompany refugee families in everyday life and promote their professional integration.

In addition, KWS offers career opportunities to new colleagues with refugee backgrounds - through language training, initial qualifications or training.

"Ackerdemia" school project

With the "Ackerdemia" project, KWS provides supports, along with the start-up and non-profit organisation Verein Ackerdemia e.V. Pupils from schools in Einbeck, Northeim and Wohlde, at the construction and maintenance of a school garden.

Under guidance, pupils turn unused allotments into a vegetable garden. Ackerdemia e.V. advises and supports schools in the planning, installation and care of the school garden. Dedicated teachers look after the young gardeners.

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