UK winter wheat with white grain

  • Excellent yield potential
  • Reliable grain quality characteristics
  • Early maturity to help spread the workload at harvest



Bred and developed in the UK, KWS Alabaster is a novel white wheat, which has an inherently paler seed coat than mainstream UK winter wheats and a bright white endosperm. The variety produces a lighter flour wither paler bran that can be useful acrossa range of end user applications.

Sown in the mainstream winter wheat slot, KWS Alabaster delivers excellent yields, on a par with the market leading UK Group 1. The variety has a good all-round disease package and is short and stiff strawed.

As a white wheat, it is important to ensure that grain quality is maintained at harvest; as with any other milling wheat KWS Alabaster should be priority harvested to ensure retention of the HFN. KWS Alabaster should be stored separately to protect its premium potential.

Characteristics in numbers

KWS ALABASTER data sheet
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