(AHDB Candidate)

The new Septoria resistant star

  • The best Septoria rating in NL2 trials (7.8)
  • Excellent untreated and western yield performance
  • Slow developing type with potential for good early drilling performance



KWS Henum earn’s its place on the RL candidate list thanks to its very high Septoria resistance. Scoring the highest in NL2 (7.8) the variety has also proved itself across Europe showing better resistance in the field trials than KWS Extase in Denmark.

KWS Henum could be the ideal partner to those looking for an early driller before heading into KWS Extase. This potential Group 4 produces a unform plant type - akin to KWS Lili before it with good stiff straw. It also helps spread the workload at harvest being later to mature (+3).

Characteristics in numbers

KWS HENUM data sheet

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