KWS McGugum

The hard quality wheat for Scotland

  • Good yields, 6% ahead of Skyfall in the North
  • Excellent grain quality including good specific weight (79.1 kg/hl)
  • Exceptionally short and very stiff strawed performance



KWS McGugum is a potential nabim Group 2 hard wheat with good grain including excellent specific weight (79.1kg/hl).

Performing well in the early drilling slot, KWS McGugum forms an exceptionally short and stiff strawed plant that yields well in the west and north. It has a good all-round disease packaging including an 8 for mildew and yellow rust, 6.0 for Septoria and has Pch1 gene for Eyespot control. At a 4, brown rust will need monitoring. With similar maturity to Skyfall, KWS McGugum can help schedule workloads at harvest time.

Characteristics in numbers

KWS MCGUGUM data sheet
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