The breadmaking trinity!

  • Exceptional HFN and good protein
  • Good sprouting resistance
  • Good second wheat performance



In AHDB trials, KWS Trinity has produced superb Hagbergs (343), unbeaten by any recommended milling wheat and a good specific weight of 77.8kg/hl. When combined with its good resistance to sprouting and soild disease profile, topped off with a 9 for yellow rust, KWS Trinity remains a great Group 1 proposition.

KWS Trinity is a Dynamic Group 1 breadmaker, which helps farmers maximise their market opportunities through a combination of yield and quality.

RL data shows that KWS Trinity will suit all regions of the UK on both light and heavy land. With a Grafton and Einstein pedigree, it comes as no surprise that it has good second wheat performance.

Characteristics in numbers

KWS TRINITY data sheet
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