The premier forage and grain hybrid!

FAO 190

  • High grain:stover
  • Ideal for CCM, crimped or dried grain maize harvesting
  • Excellent early vigour



  • Leading DM yield (t/ha DM )
    • Silage 2018 mean: 102% – 18.6 t/ha DM
    • Grain 2018 mean: 98% – 9.4 t/ha grain

  • High grain : stover ratio for energy dense silage
    • Starch % (2018: 34.5%)

  • Single cross flint dent hybrid with excellent uniform ear insertion height

  • Ideal for CCM, crimped or dried grain maize harvesting or high starch silage for beef finishing

  • Approx. 4 days later than RODRIGUEZ in KWS screening trials

  • Excellent vigour (2018: 8.0) for all soil types

Data source(s): KWS Agroservice Development Trials, NL, FR 2018

Selected for ultimate harvest versatility, KWS PRIXDOR is an ideal single cross flint dent hybrid.
Breeder’s view
KWS PRIXDOR data sheet

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