The early driller that looks after itself

  • Suitable for early drilling
  • Stiff straw with strong establishment
  • Good verticillium stem stripe tolerance



Multi-gene resistance to light leaf spot and stem canker combined with verticillium stem stripe tolerance supports Barbados’ performance across the UK.

With strong on farm performance it has found favour in regions where both LLS and stem canker are an issue. Although recommended for the North, Barbados also has a strong following in the East and South East of the country.

A DK Cabernet cross, Barbados combines many attributes of its popular parent plus good winter hardiness and a strong, leafy, early spring growth leading to a tight canopy with a mass of well-packed pods. Barbados is an easy to manage variety with a very good establishment and compact growth habit, it also benefits from low autumn input requirements. It’s ideally suited to early drilling as part of flea beetle strategy. Barbados has excellent lodging resistance and stem stiffness.

Characteristics in numbers

BARBADOS data sheet
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