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CONVISO® ONE – Application of this innovative herbicide

CONVISO® ONE is a post-emergence herbicide

CONVISO® ONE is a post-emergence herbicide that is applied in two applications, 0.5l/ha per application with a 10 – 14 day interval between applications.

Tank mixing with CONVISO® ONE

CONVISO® ONE can also be used in a tank mixture or in sequence with other herbicides where necessary

The reach of CONVISO® ONE

Non-tolerant varieties are fully sensitive to ALS-inhibitor herbicides and would be damaged or killed by CONVISO® ONE.

CONVISO® ONE can only be applied to SMART KWS varieties. Classic sugarbeet will die, if treated with this herbicide.

CONVISO® ONE Application

Standard recommendation for CONVISO® ONE:

Fathen (Chenopodium album) - The indicator weed for CONVISO® ONE

The decision on when to apply CONVISO® ONE is determined by the growth stage of the indicator weed fathen. In case there is no fathen in the fields, choose another braodleaf weed and look for the individuals with two - four true leaves.

First application

Apply when the first fathen plants reach the 2 - 4 true leaf stage (2 cotyledon & the first 2 pairs of true leaves)

Second application

  • An interval of 10 - 14 days later when first new emerging weeds reach the two true leaf stage.


Especially under dry conditions the spray interval might be longer in case of missing weed emergence and full control of treated weeds

Explanatory video

Here you can find a good explanation of the key points you need to know before using CONVISO® ONE

Weed management NZ

Weed management NZ

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