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    KWS Feedbeet

The sugarbeet for feed. Makes fodder beets look old – the new perspective on cattle feed

With its high dry matter yield, high energy content and good palatability, KWS Feedbeets are a valuable in-house basic feed. With this basic feed, you gain greater independence from concentrated feed and a useful supplement for protein-rich and low-energy rations.

The cost of feed alone accounts for around half of the production costs in German milk production. Thus, rationing cost savings, increasing the in-house basic feed share and improving feed conversion can have a positive and rapid impact on operational performance. In order to support you in increasing your operational performance, we offer you KWS Feedbeet high and stable yields for dairy and beef cattle feed. In principle, all KWS beet varieties are suitable both for use as a biogas substrate and as KWS Feedbeet. What began with the use of biogas now gains a new dynamic with the use as Feedbeet, so that the beet is indispensable as feed for cattle on many farms.

KWS Feedbeet - advantages at a glance

KWS Feedbeet offers you a new perspective on ruminant feeding through:

  • High and stable yields
  • Very good palatability
  • Improvement in milk quality (milk fat and protein)
  • Increase in the energy intake from the forage
  • Reduction of power feed use
  • Easily digestible and energetic
  • High DM content and low soil adhesion

The cows love the sweet taste of the sugarbeets. Even if they are no longer hungry, they still like to feed on Feedbeet!
Dieter D'Haene, Farmer

Field report by farmer Klaus Schröder

170 dairy cows and KWS Feedbeet – a success story

Since 2014, Klaus Schröder has been feeding his cows with KWS Feedbeet and since then has continuously increased the beet ration for his cows – 12 kg at the peak. You can read how the quality of his milk has improved in the company profile.



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