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Plant breeding for sustainable agriculture

The aim of our breeding work is to provide farmers with exactly the varieties that meet their requirements. Whether conventional or organic farming, it does not matter. We offer seeds that are adapted to the climate and soil conditions of the different regions, increase the yield and reduce the use of pesticides.

To achieve this, continuous and intensive research activities are needed. It takes up to ten years until a new variety is approved and becomes available on the market. Every year we invest about 17 percent of our turnover in research and development projects, facilitating a yield improvement of up to two percent per year.

Our worldwide KWS breeding network

Our current key research and development figures:

in € million   2016/2017 2015/2016 +/-
R&D employees Ø 1,889 1,830 3.2%
Percentage R&D employees of the entire workforce in % 38.3 37.8 1.3%
R&D cost   190.3 182.4 4.3%
R&D ratio¹ in % 17.7 17.6 0.6%
Marketing authorisations for new varieties   357 397 -10.1%

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