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Our high-yield seeds and trusted knowledge have made us the farmers’ partner for generations. We contribute to nutrition solutions for a steadily growing world population by constantly improving genetic potential through excellent research and offering expert services to farmers through the entire year. Our shared success is the result of a corporate culture that offers entrepreneurial freedom and supports dedicated talent that develops solutions.

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About us

KWS sows the future. Our high-yielding seed and extensive knowledge make us a trusted partner of farmers - and have been for generations. In this way, we contribute to solutions for feeding a steadily growing world population.

Thinking in terms of generations

Agricultural businesses are run by people - by their commitment, their passion, their skills. Family cohesion and community are the driving force behind success: experience is passed on from generation to generation in order to master the challenges of tomorrow. An achievement based on long-term thinking to secure tomorrow's food - and one we highly appreciate.

How we grow from challenges across generations

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You can meet us in more than 50 countries. Our range of crops, varieties and services is adjusted to regional needs and growing conditions. To learn more about KWS in your country, follow the respective link below.

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