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Our open doors. Your new perspective.

With a few years of work experience, you know what you want and what you are capable of. It’s time to point your career in a new direction. Prove yourself with your skills and experience at KWS!

We offer you an international work environment characterized by entrepreneurial freedom. Efficient infrastructure, employee appreciation and open communication lay the foundation for your next career step.

Join our international team. Use your experience and know-how, and devote yourself to one of the most important challenges - the future of food.


Transforming innovative ideas into tangible solutions is one of our most exciting challenges. Question the status quo and use entrepreneurial freedom to propel your ideas forward.


Rely on the support of your colleagues to generate innovative solutions: KWS have around 5,700 experts in over 70 countries. We also collaborate with other leading companies, institutions and universities.

Work-Life Integration

In addition to appropriate compensation, we offer a range of attractive benefits. These are different depending on the country and include flexible working models, extensive training opportunities, health care and much more.

  • People at KWS

    The multinational culture is open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

    Chhandak Bhattacharyya, SAP Expert - IT Applications

Research & Development

Whether in marker technology, cell and tissue culture, genetic engineering, phytopathology or other research areas: You have the scientific know-how and we invest in our research more than most companies, making KWS an optimal environment for your growth.

Your professional background:

  • Plant biology
  • Plant biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • etc.


Create efficient and sustainable agriculture with us. Our research and breeding programs are aimed at yield increase, yield stability, high product quality and preserving genetic resources.

Your professional background:
Agricultural sciences with emphasis on

  • Plant production
  • Plant genetics
  • Breeding
  • etc.

Multiplication & Production

Your breeding colleagues develop the varieties, you multiply the basic seeds and produce the ready-to-use seeds. You also take care of production research, quality control, and our production facilities.

Your professional background:
Agricultural sciences with an emphasis on

  • Agricultural Sciences, focus on Plant Sciences
  • Biology
  • Engineering
  • etc.

Sales & Marketing

You are the interface with our customers: Farmers, retailers, wholesalers, advisors and processors are your daily contacts. With your skills and approachable style, you will assist in selecting suitable products, or develop new marketing and sales strategies.

Your professional background:

  • Agricultural sciences
  • Business Administration
  • etc.

Business Functions

Legal Department, Controlling, Finance, Purchasing or Human Resources—they are all essential to our daily work and shared success. As in all areas of KWS, you have many opportunities to optimize our internal processes with innovative solutions.

Your professional background:

  • Business Administration
  • Legal sciences
  • Human resources
  • IT