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Strategic planning

Strategic planning forms the basis for the further development of the KWS Group. It defines strategic objectives, initiatives and core measures for existing activities, as well as for potential new business. Planning is based on a long-term vision (ten years) and includes the analysis and evaluation of market developments, competitors, and the position of the KWS Group.

Grow profitably

A guarantee for KWS maintaining independence is its long-term profitable growth. Important components are the efficiency of our seed, and trustworthy relationships with farmers.

Become a partner

As a reliable and trusted partner for farmers, we want to help shape the increasing professionalization of agriculture. Our independence and long-term orientation allow us to invest in future research and breeding projects.

Living our values

The distinctive value orientation of KWS Group employees distinguishes us, making us a company that employees, customers, suppliers and the public can trust.

Strategic planning of individual segments

At the very heart of the KWS strategy are the corn, sugarbeet, cereal and vegetable segments. They are equipped with a great amount of entrepreneurial freedom, and therefore form independent companies within the company. By dividing KWS activities into business units, individual strategies can be developed and implemented.


  • Strengthen global market leadership
  • Development of herbicide tolerance systems
  • Introduction of products with additional benefits such as multi-tolerant varieties
  • Development of innovative products and technologies (e.g. sugarbeet for early sowing and seeds for hybrid potatoes)

Corn and oil crops

  • Grow profitably and consolidate our leading position in Northern Europe
  • Expand marketing and sales
  • Extend breeding activities
  • Increase the share of our own varieties on the market


  • Expansion of the global acreage of hybrid rye
  • Promote the increased use of rye in feeding
  • Development of hybrid rye for regions with cold winters
  • Strengthening of our own genetic material and focus on development of hybrid wheat and barley


  • Establish a significant position in the field of vegetable seeds in the long run
  • Develop own breeding programs with breeding stations in the world's most important vegetable growing regions in Southern Europe, Asia and Latin America
  • Achieve organic growth, together with the production and distribution of licensed commercial varieties and selective acquisitions

The KWS Group's medium- and long-term objectives

Profitable growth
  • An average increase in consolidated net sales of at least 5% p.a.
  • EBIT-margin ≥10%
  • A dividend payout ratio of 20% to 25% of the KWS Group's net income for the year
  • R&D intensity of at least 17% of consolidated net sales
  • Retention of a control structure shaped by the family owners
  • Implementation of KWS' Sustainability Ambition 2030

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