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    R&D TalentCampus


A look behind the scenes: All KWS research and development departments open their doors

June 7th, 2024 in Einbeck, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m

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Sowing the future - breeding combines sciences and talents

Plant breeding works like a big orchestra: many specialists play together! Science and high-tech meet manual work and experience.

The tasks for plant breeding are becoming more diverse and exciting.

Whether it's climate change or the path to even more sustainable agriculture with fewer chemicals in the fields: the demands on plants are increasing.

Discover the opportunities at KWS and talk to our experts

On June 7, 2024, KWS will present its entire research and development activities. Discover all aspects of modern plant breeding and get a comprehensive impression of the opportunities KWS offers.

Colleagues from all specialist departments will be available at numerous information stands to provide information about the aims and paths of plant breeding, methods and technologies.

Highlights from the program:


  • From seeding to harvest: all the special machines of a breeding station
  • Process analysis technology with equipment demonstration
  • Phenotyping:
    • PhenoFactory: Robots in the greenhouse support breeding against drought stress*
    • Root phenotyping: measuring the roots in the soil*
    • Drones: phenotyping multispectral bird's eye view*
  • Catch crops - more than just filling gaps in the field
  • Biological seed treatment
  • Phytopathology: Insects as beneficials and pests, fungi and other microorganisms
  • Basic technologies
  • Intellectual property and regulatory affairs

Hands-on activities and workshops:

  • Hackathon - Data Science meets Plant Breeding
  • Start the new generation of seeds: Crossing sugarbeet, corn and rapeseed
  • Tissue culture: sterility is key.
  • Leaf harvesting for the marker lab: Reveal the potential
  • Job application training: prepare your own career


  • Trip to the KWS station in Wetze: Breeding of cereals, sugarbeet trailling, organic seeds*
  • Laboratory tours: e.g. genotyping*, chemical analysis*
  • Greenhouse: cultivation of plants for research and development*
  • Sugar beet seed processing: from raw material to packaging*
  • Seed quality lab: Make sure the seed really grows*


  • There are more ways to KWS - employees talk about their careers*
  • Outgrowth of climate change: What can plant breeding do about it?
  • Sugarbeet breeding: What is key for success?*
  • Corn breeding: Which toolbox to be applied year round*
  • Oilseed rape: Breeding goals and methods*
  • New breeding technologies - game changers for plant breeders?

    ... and much more.

* For these offers (in German and English possible), the number of seats is limited. Feel free to tell us your interest already now, preferably with an approximate group size. You will receive further information and the opportunity to specify your registration in February 2024.

Please note the information on data protection with regard to KWS events.