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    IT at KWS

Who we are and what we do.

We are one of the world's leading seed producers focusing on plant breeding, production, and sales of seeds for agricultural crops. More than 5,000 employees represent KWS in over 70 countries. (Link Company Fact Sheet).

Sounds like a quite traditional business? In fact, progress is our tradition. We use cutting-edge plant breeding methods to help solve the problem of feeding the world's rapidly growing population. Furthermore, confronted with climate change and stagnating arable land, we are constantly striving for sustainable products for competitive farming in a healthy environment.New challenges demand new solutions – that’s why we invest 18-20% of our turnover each year in research and development.

Family-owned, independent, and with a straight focus on seeds only – that’s KWS.

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Did you know?

IT and Agriculture?

At first glance, that doesn't seem to go together, but actually at KWS this combination is a key part of our progress. Just a few examples of how our IT moves us forward in the search for solutions:

  • Our entire organisation is based on modern IT infrastructure. Advanced platforms enable us to combine the traditional industry of agriculture with modern infrastructure of a digital company.
  • The IT teams of KWS support our business units, administrational functions but also our teams in research & development and breeding.
  • SAP is our ERP system and currently we are rolling out SAP S/4 Hana. · Salesforce is an essential tool for our marketing and sales teams.
Our IT experts take on the important role of internal consultants to provide the best solutions and support for our businesses and internal customers.

R&D needs IT.

Automation, AI and big data are now central elements of modern agriculture and breeding. In particular our research department needs qualified IT experts to analyse and evaluate large amounts of data generated in digital processes or to develop specific software for our R&D teams using agile methods like Scrum or Kanban.

For that we use technologies like Azure DevOps, ASP.NET Core, MOQ, .NET BLAZOR, Visual Code Studio, git, kubernetes, CHEF, PostSQL, R# and many more.

Find out more about some of the exciting projects driven by our data specialists.

Meet some of our colleagues:

Meet Thomas - Head of Global Research & Services

Thomas is our Head of Global Research & Services and talks about where IT plays an important role within an agricultural company. Spoiler alert: Everywhere! Watch this video to learn more.

Meet Ligia - Head of Digital Field Technology & Data

Ligia is our Head of Digital Field Technology & Data. Data in R&D is everywhere and she explains how IT can help managing the masses of data created in our R&D departments.

Meet Nora - Research Technician Digital Field

Nora is Research Technician Digital Field and for her it's all about drones, images and data, supporting our researchers with digital phenotyping of our crops in the field.

Meet Jens: CIO of KWS Group

Jens is our CIO and responsible for KWS Group's entire commercial IT. He gives a short summary of the IT at KWS and showing some highlights we are proud of but also challenges we are facing.

Meet Matthias - Head of Expert Hubs IT Infrastructure

Matthias is our Head of IT Infrastructure, Security and Service Management. He together with his team ensures that all digital services are available for our KWS colleagues around the world even to the fields. Flexibilty plays a big role in his everyday work.

Meet Claudia - Global Process IT Expert Customer Service

Claudia is one of our Global Process IT Experts Customer Service at KWS and talks about benefits of working in an international team and the task of communicating between IT-Experts and Non-IT colleagues.

Meet Daniel - Software Developer

Daniel is one of our Software Developers and builds, develops and creates software for our breeding departments. He talks about having the flexibility to work when and where he wants as long as the job is done.

Meet Marion - Expert IT Applications Customer Service

Marion is one of our IT Application Customer Service Experts. She is the connecting link between internal and external customers within IT at KWS. For her, working at KWS feels like being part of a family.

  • People at KWS

    "KWS offers great work-life balance. After 10 years working for KWS, my overtime account is only on a low 2 digit number."

    Steffen Schütte, Group Lead Software Engineering

Make yourself grow at KWS. This is what you get:

Real purpose

  • A purposeful job that shapes the future of food
  • being part of the solution to feeding the world population
  • long-term employment with sustainable global impact

Personal growth

  • Opportunities to try out new things and contribute your own ideas
  • Full flexibility in project work with international customers
  • Personal development and support

Great place to work

  • A family atmosphere in a multinational company
  • Great teams and superiors who meet on eye-level
  • Flexible working hours and a positive work-life balance
  • Remote work options