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As a family-owned company, KWS stands for tradition, a down-to-earth approach and for successful plant breeding, but also for growth and open-mindedness. It is therefore particularly important to us to encourage diversity, individuality and creativity. Coming from this point of view, art and culture as a special offer for employees and society become a key element of our commitment.

Within the company, this is reflected in our values - an open, creative working environment, freedom for experimentation and play. Through art, we convey new perspectives and emotional, sensual, subjective elements into everyday work.

With our "Art in BiT" series of events, we have been regularly bringing artists and their works into our working environment for 20 years and at the same time invite the interested public to the KWS research building "Biotechnikum" as part of the exhibition openings. In Einbeck's old town, we have maintained the NEWCOMER KWS Art Lounge since 2015, a gallery that sees itself primarily as a springboard for young artists and aims to enrich the cultural offerings in the region.

Please feel free to visit one of our current exhibitions on the web or directly on site!

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With our exhibitions we support young artists and expand the variety of cultural venues in our region. However, for KWS, engagement with art means much more than social commitment.

"As a plant breeder and research company, we are dependent on characteristics such as curiosity, the willingness to experiment, and openness. Innovation needs room to develop - just like art. That is why I am convinced: art makes a difference. By engaging with it, we are able to gain energy and inspiration for our own drive."

Dr. Felix Büchting, Chief Executive Officer KWS

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    Art creates spaces for creativity and new ideas that enrich our lives.

    Bettina Alex, Public Affairs & Art
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