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The food value chain starts with the seed. KWS as a responsible seed specialist commits to transparency and wants to set up a timely and transparent communication and information sharing about used technologies and innovations for all marketed varieties.

KWS believes that this is an important commitment looking at the increasingly complex structures of agriculture, to foster acceptance among policy makers and critical stakeholders on plant breeding innovation, and to enable continued FTO for organic breeding schemes. There is a clear need to provide the value chain from customer to consumer with options for choice and at the same time demonstrate the added (trait) value the various breeding methods bring to products.

Limit list

For more definition details please visit KWS breeding methods or the glossary.


  • Varieties are officially listed in the EU Common Cagatologue and their registration is available to the link: EU Plant variety database (v.3.4) (
  • Information only refers to materials and activities under KWS control
  • Transparency information may be limited due to contractual or legal confidentiality requirements
  • Transparency information may be limited due to pending IP applications (PVP/Patent) for securing novelty (PINTO Database- US: patent information has to be displayed on product; PVP: CPVO, UPOV; Legally binding information can only be found on product labels)
  • The products have been sourced in compliance with the relevant EU and international regulations for accessing genetic resources and by respecting IP to promote innovation for public good
  • The information provided refers to the generic characteristics of the variety. To have performance indications for specific regions, interested parties may consult the local KWS manager
  • Please visit the local KWS variety page for more information about the local performance of the varieties listed above

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All information is given without warranty – The file is regularly updated. Please compare the data on the website to make sure that you have the most recent version.

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