Picture of Ina Wendt
Ina Wendt
Contact person for corn and sunflower
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Picture of Ariane Knauth
Ariane Knauth
Contact person for Sugarbeet in Germany
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Picture of Friederike Philipps
Friederike Philipps
Contact person for Sugarbeet outside Germany
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Picture of Petra Rees
Petra Rees
Contact person for cereals
Tel.: +49 50514770
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Oilseeds and Catch Crops

Picture of Andreas Krull
Andreas Krull
Contact person for oilseeds and catchcrops
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Organic seeds

Picture of Bettina Jorek
Bettina Jorek
Contact person of organic seeds
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Organic Farming

Picture of Axel Altenweger
Axel Altenweger
Contact person for organic farming
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Birte Fabian
Birte Fabian
Head of Business Partners HR


Gonzalo Pavon
Gonzalo Pavón
Lead of Corporate Communications
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Investor Relations

Peter Vogt
Peter Vogt
Head of Investor Relations
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Marcel Meyer KWS Corporate Sustainability
Marcel Meyer
Corporate Sustainability
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Breeding and Biotechnology

Picture of Nora Wehner
Nora Wehner
Contact person for Breeding, Research and Biotechnology
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Technical questions regarding a KWS website

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