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2022 / 2023

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KWS about us: Seeding the future – since 1856

KWS sows the future. Our high-yield seed and extensive knowledge have made us the trusted farmer’s partner for generations. We contribute to nutrition solutions for a steadily growing world population. We are constantly improving genetic potential through excellent research and breeding programs. We tailor our seed to the needs and requirements of our customers to deliver the very best quality, and we are a strong partner throughout the value chain.

Our shared success is the result of a corporate culture that offers entrepreneurial freedom and supports dedicated talent that develops solutions.

High-quality seed for healthy and productive plants

The objective of our breeding program is to offer every farmer—whether they use conventional or organic farming methods—targeted varieties and solutions to fit their operational needs, while also optimally tailored to the climatic conditions and specific geological conditions of their respective regions. This is the basis for efficient and productive agriculture.

With our high-performance seed for corn, sugarbeet, cereals, oil and protein plants, catch crops as well as vegetables we offer a wide range of products that meet the most diverse requirements in temperate and tropical climates and enable balanced crop rotation.

KWS is growing continuously, yet in a controlled manner

The company has been independent for more than 165 years, and is a family-oriented enterprise. Independence is a valuable asset that has been preserved for over six generations. In Klein Wanzleben, in Magdeburger Börde, Matthias Christian Rabbethge laid the foundation stone in 1856 for a company that was then, as today, steeped in agriculture.

Cooperation with suppliers and service providers

KWS in 70 countries worldwide

KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA is the parent company of the KWS Group. It is a strategic leader and manages the propagation and distribution of sugarbeet and corn seed, along with other crops. It finances basic research and the breeding of the variety portfolio of the KWS Group, and annually provides its subsidiaries with new varieties for propagation and distribution.

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