Bred for Forages - Tall & Early

Variety Highlights

  • Top forage yields
  • Tall biomass structure
  • Earliest spring emergence
  • Unsurpassed winter hardiness

KWS AVIATOR has been bred for top forage yields and backcrossed with a variety that has great winter hardiness and early season vigor. KWS AVIATOR is expected to provide ruminant livestock producers with an earlier harvested product, and when used in rotation with other forage crops will extend the forage harvest season.

Forage Production Test Data

Early Cut
(Flag Leaf – Boot)
MT/AC @ 35% DMY
7.22 6.56 6.17
Late Cut
(Milky – Soft Dough)
MT/AC @ 35% DMY
12.04 11.20 11.62

Source: Third Party USA Rye Trials – Kansas City, KS | Hayes, KS | Scandia, KS | Cornell U, NY | SDSU, SD | 2021-2022

Agronomy Co-op Test Data

  KWS AVIATOR Average of Hybrid Rye Check Varieties
Winter Hardiness 91% 81%
Height 103cm 92cm

Source: Fall Rye Cooperative Registration Trials 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19

KWS RyeGHT Seeding Practices Forage Production for Western Canada

Hybrid fall rye can be an easy crop to grow and success of growing is primarily achieved from having strong stand establishment in the fall. These practices will optimize both performance and consistency year after year, starting with the most important first.

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