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    Hybrid Rye for Nursery Pigs

Hybrid Rye for Nursery Pigs

Why Hybrid Rye?

  • Similar standardized ileal digestible amino acids compared to corn
  • Improved total tract digestibility of phosphorus due to naturally high phytase levels
  • High content of fermentable dietary fibers including fructooligosaccharides which have the potential to improve the gut health of nursery pigs
  • Increase production of butyrate, reduce pH in the large intestine, and supports proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • SCFA’s derived from rye can boost gut immunity and reduce salmonella gut wall attachment

Recommended Inclusion Levels

For maximum performance and efficiency hybrid rye can be included at up to 40% of the diet DM in nursery diets. Higher inclusion levels, up to 60% of diet DM, may be utilized without effecting growth. However, due to a lower ME content of hybrid rye, this typically results in increased intakes and decreased efficiency. Always test for ergot contamination when including high levels of hybrid rye in nursery diets!

Hybrid Rye Feeding Strategies

Hybrid rye is a highly palatable feed ingredient that promotes excellent feed intake in swine diets! However, when introducing nursery pigs to hybrid rye it is recommended to start with lower inclusion levels (10-15%) and then step-up to higher levels over time. Particle size should be between 500-600 microns. Very fine particle sizes should be avoided to prevent gut ulceration or respiratory problems from dusty feed.

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