Hybrid Rye for Sows

Why Hybrid Rye

  • Similar standardized ileal digestible amino acids compared to corn
  • Improved total tract digestibility of phosphorus due to naturally high phytase levels
  • High content of fermentable dietary fibers including fructooligosaccharides which have the potential to improve gut health
  • Reduced ergot risk due to PollenPlus technology
  • Positive behavioral effects via satiety inducement resulting in decreased death loss of piglets due to crushing
  • Synergistic effects between corn and hybrid rye can result in increased milk yield in lactating sows and greater litter average daily gains

Hybrid rye can replace up to 50% of the diet in gestating and lactating sow diets without impacting sow performance or growth and performance of piglets. In fact, the synergistic effect of including both corn and hybrid rye in the diet during lactation has shown to improve milk yields and consequently litter average daily gains. Additionally, feeding hybrid rye can result in positive behavior effects in sow due to satiety inducement. Research has shown this can lead to decreased piglet mortality as sows fed hybrid rye crush fewer piglets.

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