Hybrid Rye Seeding Rate Calculator 2024

Calculate your seeding rate and required seed quanity and seed / foot of row. This way you will know how many units or lbs of seed you need to for planting. This will also help with evaluating your stand after emergenece.

Check your seed tag and enter the following values:

Unit Weight

Seeds per Pound


Planting Row Spacing


Desired Seeding Rate

Your desired seeding rate should be between 500,000 and 1,000,000 seeds per acre - suggested 800,000 seeds per acre
Seeds / Ac
Germination Capacity (This result field will be hidden after testing.)
Planter Calibration
Planting Rate in Lbs / Ac
Approx. Seeds / Foot of Row
Stand at Field Emergence
Approx. Plants / Foot of Row