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KWS Participates in Grand Farm Visionary Agricultural Initiative

Bloomington, MN, June 28, 2022: The KWS group, with headquarters in Einbeck, Germany, announces participation in the Grand Farm Education and Research Initiative. The KWS Digital Innovation Accelerator (DIA) team has committed cultivation of five acres of experimental sugarbeets on Grand Farm to identify and develop sustainable farming practices benefitting sugarbeet, and in the future, all row crop growers. The Grand Farm initiative is designed to inspire a collaboration among businesses, organizations, and researchers to facilitate agriculture technology innovation.


KWS Hires US Country Manager for Cereals

Bloomington, MN, January 11, 2021: The global seed specialist KWS Seeds has promoted Dr. Becca Brattain to the position of Country Manager USA for the North America cereals group.


KWS develops improved Cercospora tolerance for sugarbeets

Bloomington, MN, October 5, 2020: The global seed specialist KWS received a patent grant for improved Cercospora tolerance in sugarbeets. The leaf disease Cercospora beticola is one of the world’s most harmful fungal diseases for sugarbeets: The fungus can result in yield losses of up to 501 percent;


Reconsidering Rye: A Rugged Rotational Hybrid and Feed Option for Livestock

Champiagn, IL, September, 2020: A fourth-generation Minnesota farmer has spent more than two decades seeking an alternative crop. His surprising solution—hybrid rye—offers a low-maintenance small grain that pairs well with livestock and boosts sustainability.


The Rye-SaFe study aims to provide evidence that new feeding concepts promote animal health

Wohlde, July, 16, 2020: Rye is experiencing a kind of renaissance in many regions of Europe: The domestic cereal also grows in nutrient-poor soils; requires less fertilizer than, for example, wheat; needs less water; and, in general, enjoys good plant health. With these characteristics alone, rye makes a significant contribution to boosting agricultural sustainability.

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