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    Innovation for North American sugarbeet growers

KWS offers leading genetics for North American sugarbeet growers.

KWS Seeds is the sugarbeet seed industry’s leading innovative researcher in North America, devoted entirely to developing high performing, multiple-disease tolerant sugarbeet seed varieties. KWS Seeds researchers are bringing genetics to North America adding more value than ever before – accelerating productivity each time a new hybrid is introduced.

Each year, KWS Seeds evaluates more than 60,000 nursery plots and serves as a testing partner offering nursery trial services to sugar cooperatives and official testing agencies for Aphanomyces, Rhizoctonia, root aphid, and Cercospora screening. Sugarbeet seed research and breeding activities are ong-term commitments and require a dedicated effort, often taking up to 10 years to develop a new hybrid.

KWS played an integral role in the development and introduction of Roundup Ready® sugarbeets for North America and is well equipped to bring the next generation of herbicide tolerance to sugarbeet growers. The new technology will confer tolerance to three different herbicides – glyphosate, glufosinate and dicamba – and is expected to be commercially available sometime this decade, pending regulatory approvals.

KWS' innovative and comprehensive research program is based on the world’s most expansive vault of sugarbeet germplasm. With over 250 employees in North America, KWS also has the most responsive team working for sugarbeet grower success in North America. Two coordinated breeding programs – one based in Kimberly, Idaho for curly top, Rhizoctonia, and rhizomania; and the other based in Shakopee and Moorhead, Minnesota for diseases such as Aphanomyces, Fusarium, root aphid, and Cercospora – work toward mutually beneficial goals that support sugarbeet grower operations.

Research & Breeding Stations

Five sugarbeet breeding stations in North America are working for sugarbeet grower productivity. Read more about the coordinated programs conducted at these research stations.