The innovation - herbicide tolerant beet and new active ingredients

Classically bred herbicide tolerant varieties and the introduction of a new mode of action for weed control in beet is the innovation of CONVISO® SMART.

These achievements accomplished by KWS and Bayer are the door opener for a new weed control strategy in beet. The best crop safety of the SMART beet offers more flexibility and the broad spectrum herbicide delivers high performance even with hard to control weeds (e.g. wireweed).

Based on the backbone of the new system – the herbicide tolerant beet – a new herbicide with new active ingredients could be introduced in beet. This is an important achievement in a comparatively small market
Dr. Andreas Loock, Sugarbeet Breeder at KWS

How does the herbicide tolerance work?

Sometimes a spontaneous natural alteration of the enzyme occurs. KWS was able to identify out of 1.5 billon individuals one single naturally herbicide tolerant individual, which formed the basis for the development of the new system. The naturally altered enzyme is involved in the biosynthesis of essential amino acids a plant needs to grow.

Beet plants with this spontaneously changed enzyme were specifically selected and used for further breeding to develop SMART KWS varieties.
In beets with the tolerant enzyme CONVISO® ONE the herbicide cannot bind to the enzyme because of this alteration but the substrate still can and the beet will continue to grow.

The enzymes of the weeds do not have this alteration, that’s why CONVISO® ONE is able to bind to the enzyme, which blocks the substrate from binding to the enzyme and will cause the plant to die.

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