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Patrick's story

Step into the world of Patrick, a dedicated farmer from Burnham, Canterbury, and discover his inspiring journey alongside KWS. Through a simple conversation, we'll share the invaluable experiences and fruitful partnership that have transformed Patrick's farm.

In this heartfelt interview, Patrick humbly introduces himself, sharing the essence of his farm. Spanning across 250 hectares, their operations include growing fodder beet, maize, and wheat, along with leasing ground for potatoes and managing a few sheep. It's a diverse and thriving landscape, nourished by generations of hard work.

Irrigation system

Irrigation system

With a hint of pride, Patrick explains how water irrigation systems revolutionized their farming practices. From initially relying on dry land, they now utilize spray irrigators and pivots, empowering them to cultivate a wider variety of crops with reliability and efficiency. Fodder beet, in particular, has become a staple thanks to the advantages brought by the pivots.

Join us in exploring Patrick's experience and the fruitful partnership between farmers like him and KWS. Together, let's embrace practical solutions that revolutionize farming and pave the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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Our collaboration with KWS has paved the way for sustainable farming practices. Through the utilization of the Conviso Smart system, we have experienced remarkable weed control, fewer chemical applications, and increased crop yields.
Patrick Bell, Farmer, Canterbury, New Zealand

Then, the conversation shifts to the partnership with KWS. Patrick candidly shares their three-year collaboration, ignited by the dairy farmer's interest in sugar beet. KWS seized this opportunity, introducing Patrick to the potential of this versatile crop. Trials conducted on their farm, guided by Simon from KWS, have been instrumental in exploring new possibilities and understanding the impact of their joint efforts.

A significant revelation for Patrick has been the Conviso Smart system offered by KWS. This innovative solution tackles multiple weeds, including grasses, broad-leafs, and thistles, reducing the need for excessive applications. Not only does this save time and resources, but it also promotes better weed control and higher crop yields.

Throughout the interview, Patrick's enthusiasm is evident. He passionately describes how their collaboration has transformed their farming practices. The Conviso Smart system, with its efficient weed control and reduced chemical usage, has made a noticeable difference. Patrick recommends this system to fellow farmers, emphasizing its benefits and the positive impact it has had on their farm.

Patrick's story with KWS is a testament to the power of partnership and sustainable solutions. It's a journey driven by the shared vision of enhancing agricultural practices while prioritizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental stewardship.

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