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    New to New Zealand, established 1856

Global sugarbeet seed leaders. Local focus.

Welcome to KWS. We serve over 70 countries and we’ve now entered the New Zealand market at a time when sugarbeet is becoming an increasingly popular forage crop among Kiwi farmers.

Our new sugarbeet growing system combines herbicide tolerant beet varieties with a dedicated herbicide which is designed to make weed control easier and highly effective leading to consistently high yields. We will make further announcements about this system in 2022. To keep updated register your details here

Although we’re a global leader, we also recognise that Kiwi farmers are among the best in the world, so we’ve been trialling our beet varieties around New Zealand over the last 3 years to help us identify the best genetic material for local conditions.

Seed specialists for farmers

KWS is one of the four world leading plant breeding companies focused on global breeding and distribution in more than 70 countries in the temperate climatic zone. For more than 150 years, KWS has been breeding crops for temperate climates. The goal of our work is to support each farmer with individualized solutions. It doesn´t matter whether our customers engage in conventional or organic farming - at KWS they find the optimum varieties for all their needs.

About us

KWS sows the future. Our high-yield seeds and extensive knowledge make us a trusted partner of farmers - for generations. In this way, we contribute to solutions for the nutrition of a steadily growing world population. Learn more about us, our values and mission or completely pragmatic information about the company here.

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Simon Witheford

Country Manager

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