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Our future plant breeding sector - your job with creative potential.

Agricultural scientists, biologists, IT experts, economists, legal experts and specialists in different professional areas - together we build the future. Because as an agricultural partner, we make a decisive contribution to feeding the growing world population with our innovative plant varieties. We value our freedom, finding new paths and the delivery of positive changes. The centre of our attention is not short-term success - our goal is the development of sustainable and forward-looking solutions.


Research, production, distribution and management - solutions for modern agriculture require a combination of various topics and work areas. Accept this challenge and grow beyond yourself, together with us.

Develop further

We wish to actively create the future. That is why we look for people who challenge the status quo and point the way to new paths. We encourage their personal strengths and continuously support their individual growth.


Nearly 5,000 employees in more than 70 countries and a comprehensive network of external partners - the best prerequisites in order to mutually achieve something really great. Play your part and, by doing so, enjoy your entrepreneurial freedom!

The thing that impressed me the most at KWS from day one is the open and supportive culture. Everyone approaches you with interest and appreciation.
Dirk Gerstenkorn, Sales Manager Maize, Rapeseed, Catch Crops