The SMART fodderbeet variety

Bred to be tolerant to the CONVISO® ONE herbicide

  • Only available with the CONVISO® SMART system
  • High DM% grazing type; 20% - 22% DM
  • Can be grazed or lifted

What will diferenciate SMART JOSINA KWS?

SMART JOSINA is a fodderbeet variety bred as part of the CONVISO® SMART system. This is the first grazing fodderbeet variety available as part of the innovative CONVISO® SMART beet weed control system.

SMART JOSINA KWS is a red rooted grazing fodderbeet variety with good disease resistance and a high DM%. Bringing high yields, JOSINA is probably best suited to grazing with mixed-aged dairy cattle and older beef animals. Likely not suitable for young stock or sheep.


To get the best from SMART JOSINA KWS for grazing, its worth reducing the seed rate to allow a reduced plant population which will encourage larger bulbs that will sit higher out of the ground.

If weed control in your beet crops is getting ever-more challenging, then try the CONVISO® SMART system with SMART JOSINA KWS and experience the difference.

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