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    #ThinkingInGenerations means: living values.
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    #ThinkingInGenerations means: learning together
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    #ThinkingInGenerations means: acting sustainably.

Paving the way. For a fruitful tomorrow.

Farm life is often characterized by family cohesion and traditions that have grown over decades. Around the world, many generations live and work on farms under one roof, and at some point the question of farm succession comes up. Our new Farmer Portraits focus on this generational change that many farmers are facing. Young and old alike - we visited farmers on their farms to have them tell us about their stories, their challenges and their hopes.

I see the task I have taken on as a baton that I will eventually pass on to another generation.
Arne Beecken, Südergellersen/Germany

Get to know more farmer generations worldwide

Young and old - moving forward together.

Farmers have opened their gates to us to give an insight into their everyday farming life. Their farms all have their own character - which is reflected in the way of life, the philosophy and by the type of farming and livestock breeding. What they have in common: looking towards the future and a desire to pass on their fields and farms to the next generation. Sustainable and productive.

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