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Social Commitment

Translating KWS corporate values into commitment - as a forward-looking company, KWS assumes responsibility in society and wants to actively contribute to solving current and future challenges. We feel particularly committed to our regional locations. 

The content of our social commitment is based on the UN goals for sustainable development. Our support for initiatives through donations and sponsoring as part of our social commitment focuses on the areas of culture, children & youth, social affairs, health and sports, as well as science and education.

With our social commitment, we want to support cultural, social and socioeconomic development in the mostly rural environment of our KWS locations in order to promote the general welfare of the local population and increase the overall attractiveness of the locations.

Our social obligation

"As one of the largest employers in southern Lower Saxony, we feel a social responsibility in the region.
Social commitment is our contribution to strengthening the region.”

Peter Hofmann, Member of the Board

KWS' areas of activity


The advancement of the cultural sector is an essential part of our commitment. By supporting various initiatives and projects, we contribute to strengthening the cultural life in the city and region of Einbeck. We believe that culture and cultural education are an important contribution to self-development and participation in social and cultural life. For this reason we support initiatives for all age groups.
Examples of this, in addition to other sponsorships, are our support for the Göttingen International Handel Festival, the Konzert- und Kulturfreunde Einbeck e.V. and the Domfestspiele in Gandersheim. Additionally, we also promote the cultural development of the region through our activities in the field of art.

Regional structural support

Apart from donations and sponsoring programs, regional development at KWS' locations, in particular in Einbeck and the region, is a key component of our work.
We contribute to socioeconomic regional development through targeted initiatives and measures. To have a lasting effect and be structurally integrated, we are involved in cooperative ventures with other economic players and public institutions that also contribute to regional development at our locations. The common overarching goal is to strengthen the innovative power and sustainability of rural areas.

Social affairs, health and sports

We are aware of our responsibility to society and are committed to initiatives in the areas of social affairs, health and sports in the vicinity of our sites.
The development of our children and young people as well as health in all age groups is a matter close to our hearts. For this reason, we support schools, daycare centers, sports associations, church projects and non-profit organizations. One focus of our commitment in the area of health, for example, is the Einbeck BürgerSpital.

Science & education

We believe that our society benefits greatly from high-level science. As an innovative plant breeding company with a strong research focus, we would like to promote this area in particular, which especially benefits young scientists in the field of plant breeding.
This includes, for example, supporting various projects at the University of Göttingen. We also support scientific organizations, congresses and events of national and international importance. Additionally, we promote educational initiatives, especially in the field of natural sciences, and support regional schools, for example, in digitization.

Voluntary commitment at KWS

"Many KWS employees volunteer their time in their communities and even in times of crisis, such as the Corona pandemic, they are not deterred from facing up to social challenges and making a personal commitment to people. We support this.“

Christina Zöllner, Workers‘ Council

News about KWS' local commitment

Reports & Publications

The reporting of our allocated funds is carried out annually in accordance with the GRI standard and is published in both the Sustainability Report and the Annual Report. You can find the Sustainability Report in our download area.

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