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    KWS Cereals

Our Main Cereal Crops

Cereals are grown in greater quantity and provide more food energy than any other type of crop worldwide. Our product is progress – in cereal breeding.

The continuous development of new and improved cereal varieties with high-quality seed is our goal. This way, we want to make sure that progress in yield really makes it to the field! Together with productive agriculture, this is a key factor for sustainable food production and responsible use of natural resources.

Hybrid Rye

Hybrid rye is a highly efficient crop which is very successfully grown on medium and light soils. High yield, quality, agronomic characters such as winter hardiness, drought tolerance and standing ability as well as resistance to diseases like ergot are important. Rye is also an excellent feed component.
Find out more about Hybrid Rye.


Wheat is grown on more global land area than any other commercial crop and is one of the worlds most important staple foods for humans. What is important for our wheat breeding program is to offer varieties that are high yielding alongside of excellent agronomic characters in every quality group, from baking to fodder.


This is also true for barley, although another key aspect in this case is its brewing quality.

Further Details on the KWS Cereals Division

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KWS Cereals Division – we are ...

  • the specialist in cereal breeding providing a broad range of innovative, high quality products.
  • an internationally oriented and expanding division keeping our principles of fair-mindedness, reliability and trust.
  • maintaining close contact with our customers by offering professional consulting and services.

"We see ourselves as a partner for farmers´ success. Throughout the routine of our day-to-day business, we concentrate on developing high performance varieties and high-quality seed. Simultaneously, we focus on consulting and supporting our customers in cereal production."

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