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Here you find files regarding the "Hybrid Rye Feeding Seminar Winnipeg"

  • Blumtritt, T., Hybrid Rye pig feeding seminar (for publication)

    pdf | 982 kB

  • Bussières, D. Practical experiences with rye in pig feeding in Canada

    pdf | 1 MB

  • Felde von, A., Current results from a German rye pig feeding study on farm level in respect to Salmonella and boar taint reductinon

    pdf | 3 MB

  • Hull, J., Overview about the global cereals market including Rye

    pdf | 440 kB

  • Kamphues, J., Specific properties of rye their potentials and benefits in swine feeding port production

    pdf | 3 MB

  • Nymand, C., Cultivation system of Hybrid rye and crop rotation

    pdf | 7 MB

  • Smith, M., Hybrid rye replacing wheat grain for hogs

    pdf | 2 MB

  • Steffan, P., Hybrid rye new breeding technologies targeting yield ergot defence and FHB DON

    pdf | 3 MB

  • Prof. H.H Stein, Preliminary results of a sow feeding trial substituting corn with rye, University Illinois, USA

    pdf | 3 MB

  • Stokes, B., Nutritional and Economical value of Hybrid rye

    pdf | 2 MB

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