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    Rye for swine

Hybrid Rye for Swine

Swine Feeding – Revolutionized!

With new avenues of research focusing on gut health, microbiome, butyrate supplementation, and animal welfare, why not find ONE simple feed ingredient that can do it all? In Europe, rye has rapidly become an established component of swine diets. KWS, in partnership with farmers and feed experts, are extending this knowledge and uptake of hybrid rye across the United States and Canada. Join the #ryevolution!

Swine Feeding Advantages

  • High content of digestible essential amino acids including lysine, methionine, and threonine
  • Naturally high in soluble fiber
  • Intrinsic phytase levels make the phosphorus in hybrid rye highly digestible and improves the phosphorus digestibility of other ingredients in the diet
  • Prebiotic and resistant starch activity
  • Gut fill from increased fiber increases satiety which had positive behavorial effects, especially in finishers and sows
  • High fructans content results in decreased gut ulceration and promotes hind gut health

Feeding Hybrid Rye to Swine


  • Hybrid Rye in Diets for Gestating and Lactating Sows

    pdf | 526 kB

  • Hybrid Rye Replacing Wheat Grain for Hogs

    pdf | 2 MB

  • Impact of Hybrid Rye on Pig Performance, Carcass and Meat Quality

    pdf | 97 kB

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