• New generation PollenPlus® with excellent stem stiffness
  • No. 1 harvest index (grain/ear) to drive grain yield
  • Feed, flour and distilling



KWS Tayo is a brand new addition to KWS’ hybrid rye lineup for 2020/21 and is currently in USA grain trials. KWS Tayo is an excellent option for pig finishing or dry sow rations. With high grain and straw yields plus low growing costs. Food industry uses include flour, breakfast cereals and distilling or malt. KWS Tayo offers robust stem stiffness compared to older hybrids. Initial seed availability is limited in 2020

Characteristics in Numbers

Seed Depth 0.5-0.8 in
Seeding Rate 0.6-0.8 Unit/Acre
Winter Hardiness Very High
Heading Mid
Plant Height Average
Lodging Very Low
Ability to tiller Very high
Grain High-very high
Disease Profile
Ergot Very Low
Fusarium Low
Leaf Rust Low
Mildew Low
Rhynco Low
Falling number High
Amylogram (temp) Mid-High

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