Field Vitality NDVI Tool

Advantages of using NDVI vegetation index maps

  • Track crop development throughout the growing season
  • Identify areas of crop stress in all parts of the field
  • Aids soil sampling to improve fertility and yields
  • Matthias Ebmeyer, Farmer

    Using the Field Vitality NDVI Tool, we can optimize logistics and significantly reduce harvesting costs.

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Field Vitality Check analyzes your fields using an NDVI algorithm. Quickly see the effects of weather data, soil quality, variety information using high resolution satellite imagery.

Services and features at a glance

  • Access to satellite images showing the NDVI mapping for your selected fields
  • Visible differences in maturity between areas
  • Facilitated stress identification of all parts of the field, including those difficult to access
  • Information available on the website via your myKWS login
  • Updated weekly via satellite imagery

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