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The KWS independence initiative

We owe our success to our independence, a value that connects us with our customers, with farmers who are also usually self-employed entrepreneurs. Independence gives us the freedom to conduct intensive research and to develop new varieties in order to tailor our portfolio to the needs of our customers, specifically to their necessities.

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High-quality products and agricultural expertise, promising innovations that ensure high-yield harvests, make a contribution to world nutrition while protecting the environment. This is the world of KWS – the KWS World of Farming, our online magazine.

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About us

KWS sows the future. Our high-yield seeds and extensive knowledge make us a trusted partner of farmers - for generations. In this way, we contribute to solutions for the nutrition of a steadily growing world population. Learn more about us, our values and mission or completely pragmatic information about the company here.

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Do you want to know which products fit your regional conditions best? Do you have any trouble with pests or diseases? We will gladly answer any questions you might have to achieve best yields and results.