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KWS Cochise - Spring Wheat

KWS Fixum - Spring Wheat

KWS Ladum - Spring Wheat

KWS W451 (KWS Bezique) - Spring Wheat

WPB Lynx - Spring Wheat

KWS Curtis - Spring Barley

KWS Sassy - Spring Barley

KWS Thalis - Spring Barley

KWS 20/3443 (KWS Enduris) - Spring Barley

WPB Isabel - Spring Oat

KWS Gotham - Peas

Manager - Peas

Trial Seed Terms and Conditions


1. All Seed is supplied on the understanding that trial data and comments concerning crops established from that seed shall be made available to KWS UK Limited.

2. Carriage:
Postage or Carriage will be charged at cost. Unless specifically asked not to, we will despatch all orders by carrier to avoid unacceptable delays in the post.

3. Where seed is of a variety that is on the UK National List or EC Common Catalogue, the charges are as follows. Please note that charges made refer to a handling charge on which VAT is payable.
Cereals = £2.00 per kg
Conventional Oilseed Rape = £10 per kg
Hybrid Oilseed Rape = £18 per kg
(Price on application for quantities above 50 kilos)
A minimum order charge of £30.00 will apply

4. Where seed is of a variety not yet added to the UK National List, the following agreement shall apply:
a) KWS UK Limited supply seed for trials under the following conditions
- The seed is used exclusively for carrying out private field trials for the determination of yield or agronomic characters only.
- The seed is not used to perform any breeding or research activities without prior permission from KWS UK Ltd.
- The produce of any crop established from the seed shall not be re-sown or used for any other purposes, including quality testing, without prior permission from KWS UK Ltd.
b) Charges
The seed is not offered for sale.
Cereals = £2.00 per kg + VAT
Oilseed Rape
Conventional = £10 per kg + VAT
Hybrid = £18 per kg + VAT
(Price on application for quantities above 50 kilos)
A minimum order charge of £30.00 will apply
c) In order to comply with current National Listing legislation, it is a condition of supply that seed not yet National Listed is only supplied for use under our control and for the purpose of carrying out tests and trials and it is NOT to be used for further multiplication. The whole of the material produced either directly or indirectly from the seed shall become or remain the property of KWS UK Ltd. Such material produced and any unused seed will normally be surplus to our requirements and shall be disposed of by you, on our behalf, for any purposes other than sowing. Any proceeds of such disposal may be retained by you to offset the expenses you have incurred in trialling the variety.

5. All seeds supplied by KWS UK Ltd are of conventional varieties bred from parent plants, which have not been genetically modified. All reasonable steps have been taken to prevent the adventitious presence of GM material during breeding, production and handling of this seed (including complying with any separation distances as may be recommended from time to time by relevant bodies). This seed is field grown. Accordingly, no guarantees of absolute freedom from GM impurities can be given since this does not, and cannot, exist in nature. No liability is accepted whatsoever arising from the possible occurrence of any adventitious traces of GM impurities in the seeds.

6. Quantities of some varieties may be limited and will be despatched on a first come first served basis. Should any variety listed be withdrawn from official trials in the UK, it will be deleted from your order.

7. All trials seed is for UK use and not for export to any country outside the United Kingdom.

8. Orders will be accepted by email, internet or post but NOT by telephone unless followed up by electronic confirmation within 24 hours
These terms and conditions are subject to change at any date.