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    Out now:
    The myKWS app

KWS services now available on the go

Functions at a glance

  • Field management with satellite-based analysis
  • Determination of vitality (NDVI) and dry matter (maize)
  • Location-related notes incl. appendix and reminder function
  • Weather service adapted to agriculture needs
  • Seasonal information and recommendations from our experts
  • Direct contact to your regional consultants

Impressions from experience

Mona and her father run a farm in southern Lower Saxony. They have been using the tools and services of myKWS for quite some time - together they tested the new app for us. Afterwards, we visited them and asked them about their impressions.

Recommendations and expert tips on the dashboard

"We have been subscribing to the professional email service for a long time. It's great that it's included in the news. The new short messages complement the whole thing well - especially in the season when you sent the forecast and tips on heat development, for example."

Weather service for farmers

"It's a good idea to change the sizes and colors of the individual elements. Thus, we always had an overview right away without having to read every value. The new gust flags were also quite handy."

Photo function

"We have been using SAT DM-Monitoring and the Seed Service for about 3 years. To be honest, the uploading of delivery notes during registration was always a bit cumbersome. Now, taking a photo via phone is really easy."

Field management with vitality maps

"We already knew this feature from the computer version. But with the app, we now can directly compare the vitality maps and the situation on site. You don't need that on a daily basis, but it's definitely helpful in certain situations or on certain fields."

The new Field Scout

"Looking at our farm size, we still have a pretty good overview. But we've marked some areas on our fields where we've had problems this year and attached photos and notes. I think that will help us in the next 1-3 years, because we can compare the development over time."

Stand-alone or with the computer version

"I think we will continue to use myKWS on the computer as well. Both versions have their benefits. But using only the app should work quite well."