Bred to be bold, lively and full of spirit

  • Very high specific weight (69.1 kg/hl)
  • Lowest screenings of any spring malting barley on the 2023/24 RL (% through 2.5 mm)
  • Non-GN suited to the distilling market



KWS SASSY 2 Row Spring Malting Barley (Concerto x Publican) Bred to be bold, lively and full of spirit. KWS Sassy is a non-GN producing spring malting barley that has been tried and tested by the UK distilling industry. It is fully approved by the MBC for malting and distilling and continues to deliver one of the highest specific weights (69.1 kg/hl) on the 2023/24 RL, with the lowest screenings of any currently listed spring barley – all key attributes for the maltster and grower alike. What’s more, over the seasons it has consistently delivered for growers, especially those in the north, where it delivers some of its better yields (98% controls). A taller type, KWS Sassy has a decent straw and strong agronomic package, including good resistance to Rhynchosporium (6) and mildew (9). At a +1 maturity, it is a similar maturing variety to many other commercialised distilling types.
KWS SASSY data sheet

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